About Us

Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster was founded in 1983 by William Porter, MD; Harshadkumar Patel, MD; and John Eshleman, MD. Each physician had clinical interests in adult pulmonary medicine, Dr. Porter focused on pulmonary exercise testing while Dr. Patel developed the pulmonary rehabilitation program and focused on sleep apnea, and Dr. Eshleman’s focus was critical care and trauma care.

Today, the practice is a leader in Lancaster County in providing comprehensive care to those living with breathing conditions, lung disease, and sleep disorders. Our providers and healthcare staff are dedicated and devoted to the care they offer, many of whom have been with the practice since its inception. Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster also provides medical direction for the department of pulmonary medicine, sleep center, pulmonary lab, and respiratory therapy at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital.

We are deeply rooted into the community and are proud of our commitment to remain an independent practice that offers the highest quality care in our office as well as in the hospital.


There’s an action healthy people perform between 17,000 and 25,000 time a day without even thinking about it — breathing. If, however, you live with lung disease or have trouble breathing, daily life can be affected significantly. Whether you seek help for the medical management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), relief from asthma and allergies, have problems with sleep or need critical care for complicated infections or injury, we can help.

With extensive clinical experience and wide-ranging knowledge of lung health and diseases, our team specializes in pulmonary and critical care, as well as sleep medicine, for those age 14 and older. We take seriously our role to care for you when you are sick, but also to help you be and stay well. We understand the needs unique to those with pulmonary disease. We work closely with you to develop a treatment plan designed specifically for your health, lifestyle goals, and personal circumstances.

If you have a chronic condition, our goal is to minimize hospital admissions and provide you with the resources you need to enjoy the activities that make your life meaningful. For those who are acutely ill, we provide the intensive care necessary to monitor and treat you safely in a hospital setting.


Our providers and staff are committed to providing patient-centered care delivered in a professional, compassionate and respectful manner. In order to accomplish this mission, we continually encourage an environment of teamwork and positive attitudes.

From the receptionists to the nurses and the doctor – excellent experience. Everyone was so nice!”

A Grateful Patient